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Black Box Programs

More than a plug-in but not quite an application, BlackBox™ programs are designed to be integrated into your FileMaker solution and perform a specific task. As a background process they have no interface.

You put data in - you get answers out.

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DataIsland Software is an experienced FileMaker Pro custom database development company staffed by certified FileMaker developers.

Unlike most other FileMaker Pro consultants we are willing to travel to your location to get the job done. This includes the United States, Canada, UK, European Union and the Caribbean. Click the "We Travel - Anywhere" link to view the program details.

From this site you can download several commercial and demonstration programs we have developed to get an idea of the quality of work we do.

You can also find out more about FileMaker Custom Functions. Just one of our areas of expertise. We have provided the code for many custom functions on this site and we make these freely available to the FileMaker Community.

Beyond FileMaker our team are experienced web developers combining our database knowledge with PHP programming. We are responsible for designing and maintaining the IndeXinn - Worldwide Accommodations Directory.

FileMaker Plug-ins are another innovation that can add endless possibilities to a project and allow the developer to complete a job faster and with better features. Through an exclusive arrangement with Waves In Motion this is the only place to purchase many of their plug-ins developed for versions of FileMaker prior to v7.

We have also provided some links to other sites that may assist you in your search for additional FileMaker resources.

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